E&M Lecture Videos Spring 2020

NEW: Videos of lectures on electricity and magnetism by Dr. Ruth Chabay, Spring 2020.
Lecture 1: Beginning of Electric & Magnetic Interactions; review of 3D vectors and the vector form of Coulomb’s law, in part in support of those students who did not have the Matter & Interactions course on mechanics.
Lecture 2: The field concept; gravitational field; calculating the field produced by electric charges.
Lecture 3: Review the electric field of a point charge; the strong form of the superposition principle (the net field is the vector sum of the fields contributed by all the charges in the surroundings and the contribution by any charge to the field is unaffected by the presence of other charges); the field of an electric dipole; approximating the dipole field; retardation when the charges no longer exist.
Lecture 4: Review of dipoles; net charge; conservation of charge; conductors and insulators; polarizing an atom; 1/r5 dependence of the force of an induced dipole on a point charge.