Discussion Group

Adopters of Matter & Interactions may join an online discussion group.  (Typically around 10-15 posts per month.)

Resources Available at the Instructor Site

If you are teaching a course in which students use the 4th edition of Matter & Interactions, you may register at the Instructor Site to get access to the following resources:


Annotated videos of segments of lectures on Volume 1 by Ruth Chabay and Volume 2 by Matthew Kohlmyer.  Many instructors have found these useful for getting a sense of pace and level of presentation.  Public versions of these videos are available on the Student site.

Instructor’s Guide to Computational Modeling

An overview of computational modeling in Matter & Interactions 4th edition, with FAQ for instructors, instructional goals, and a complete set of computational activities for mechanics and E&M. The computational activities have been rewritten to take advantage of the greatly increased support for computation  in the 4th edition, including explicit instruction in how to use VPython.  LaTeX files are provided to allow instructors to revise and extend these activities.

A set of videos introduce students to VPython and provide introductory exercises.

Lab Activities

Lab experiments and computational modeling activities, updated for the 4th edition.  LaTeX files are provided to allow instructors to revise and extend these activities.

Lecture-Demo Programs

Public and private VPython programs useful as lecture demos. The public programs are also available on the student web site. A convenient feature is that you can run these VPython programs in the browser at the instructor site, without installing VPython, using the new GlowScript version of VPython.

Clicker / Plicker Questions

Powerpoint and pdf files of questions posed to students in interactive lectures. Students respond with phones or electronic response units. Each file contains questions for one chapter, and the questions are numbered to correspond with the section of the chapter for which the question is appropriate.

Textbook Illustrations

jpegs of all textbook illustrations are provided for instructors who wish to make slide presentations.

Test Questions

A bank of test questions, organized by chapter.  Questions are provided in LaTeX and pdf.

Solutions Manual

The instructor solutions manual was written by Aaron Titus and Joe Heafner.  There is also a student solutions manual with solutions to selected odd-numbered problems, available to students from Wiley.

Online Homework

All problems in the 4th Edition of Matter & Interactions are available in WileyPLUS and WebAssign.