Distance Course for HS Teachers

There is a two-semester distance education version of Matter & Interactions for in-service high school physics teachers, which offers graduate credit through NC State University (3 credit hours per semester). The purpose of these courses is not to train teachers to offer this university-level curriculum in high school (although some teachers do offer Matter & Interactions as a second-year physics course). Rather, the goal is to give teachers a 20th-century perspective on the introductory-level physics that they teach. Teachers have expressed high satisfaction with the courses.

PY 581 (mechanics) is normally taught in the spring semester by Prof. Keith Weninger ( krwening@ncsu.edu).

PY 582 (E&M is normally taught in the spring semester by Prof. Laura Clarke ( liclarke@ncsu.edu ).

It is best to take mechanics before E&M, but some teachers with particularly strong physics backgrounds and good calculus skills have taken the courses in the other sequence.

Course Information

Teacher reflections on the courses: mechanics (pdf) and E&M  (pdf)

An article about the distance ed course, presented at the conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning in Udine, Italy, September 2009

poster about the course

Graduate tuition and fees