Videos of Lecture-Demos


Some particularly interesting lecture-demos are not easy to set up in the classroom, or are difficult for students to see well.  These videos can be useful in these situations.

Ball-and spring model of a solid, in motion.  Computer animation.

Two pucks pulled by the same force, one from the center, the other with a string wrapped around it. For a theoretical analysis, see section 9.3 of Matter & Interactions 4th edition.

Observing surface charge on a high-voltage circuit.  For an explanation of surface charge in circuits, see sections 18.4-18.8 and section 18.11 of Matter & Interactions 4th edition.   [Video and detailed description of the demo]

Charged straw near a high-voltage circuit.  A video by Hermann Haertel that shows the detection of  the electric field near a high-voltage circuit (if the video does not appear, replot the page).

3D Computer Demo Programs

On the Student site are a large number of 3D demo programs illustrating important concepts in Matter & Interactions.  The Instructor resources contain more such programs.