Volume 1: Modern Mechanics

Chapter 1: Interactions and Motion.  This chapter includes an introduction to 3D vectors, which is also needed for Volume 2, Electric & Magnetic Interactions.

Fall 2019 videos of lectures on mechanics by Ruth Chabay, These include instruction on the use of VPython to model physical systems.

Demo programs written in VPython, including code for Problems P28, P29, and P30 in Chapter 8 of the “Matter & Interactions” textbook.

Supplement S1: Gases and Heat Engines (prerequisite: Chapter 12)

Volume 2: Electric & Magnetic Interactions

Spring 2020 videos of lectures on electricity and magnetism by Ruth Chabay.

Demo programs written in VPython

Supplement S2: Semiconductor Devices (prerequisite: Chapter 21)

Supplement S3: Waves (prerequisite: Chapter 4 for mechanical waves; Chapter 23 for electromagnetic waves)

Student Solutions Manual

Student solutions manual for Matter & Interactions, 4th Edition


Introductory videos on VPython

GlowScript VPython: a browser-based environment for VPython requiring no installation