Volume 1: Modern Mechanics

Chapter 1: Interactions and Motion.  This chapter includes an introduction to 3D vectors, which is also needed for Volume 2, Electric & Magnetic Interactions.

Video clips from lectures by Ruth Chabay

Demo programs written in VPython

Supplement S1: Gases and Heat Engines (prerequisite: Chapter 12)

Volume 2: Electric & Magnetic Interactions

Video clips from lectures by Matthew Kohlmyer

Demo programs

Supplement S2: Semiconductor Devices (prerequisite: Chapter 21)

Supplement S3: Waves (prerequisite: Chapter 4 for mechanical waves; Chapter 23 for electromagnetic waves)

Student Solutions Manual

Student solutions manual for Matter & Interactions, 4th Edition


Introductory videos on VPython

GlowScript VPython: a browser-based environment for VPython requiring no installation