Aaron Titus joins M&I team

We are very pleased to announce that Aaron Titus is joining us in the further development of Matter & Interactions. He will be a co-author in future editions of the M&I textbook. Aaron was one of the first adopters of M&I, and of VPython.

Aaron is the former chair of the Department of Physics at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. He helped create the physics department and helped lead its rapid growth. He and Larry Martin created the WebAssign computer homework system. He has served on the board of the American Association of Physics Teachers. He is well-known in AAPT circles, among college and high school teachers alike. He gives frequent talks and workshops, many of which feature M&I and VPython. Aaron has used many kinds of software in his educational endeavors. He recently developed and taught a course for non-science majors on “Physics  for Video Games” in which students develop games using VPython.  He is a co-author (with Joe Heafner) of the Solutions Manual and Student Solutions Manual for the 4th edition of M&I.

Ruth and Bruce