Textbook formats

Matter & Interactions 4th Edition is available in both print and electronic versions.

Print versions include hard cover, paperback (2 volumes), and 3-ring binder formats.

E-books include Wiley E-text, Kindle, Vital Source, and other formats.  An e-book is also available in WebAssign.

For ordering information, click here to go to the Wiley website.  Print and Kindle versions are also available on Amazon.

Supplemental Chapters

Several supplemental chapters are freely available on the Student site.

Online Homework

Matter & interactions homework problems are available in WebAssign.

Spanish Version of Volume 1

Materia e Interacciones I: Mecánica moderna. R. Chabay and B. Sherwood (2015).  México, Trillas.

The easiest way to get this book in the U.S. is to order it through Amazon.  The Trillas website does not accept U.S. credit cards.