Matter & Interactions

Resources for instructors

Discussion group

Adopters can join an online Matter & Interactions discussion group.

What's new in the 4th edition

Here is a summary of the important changes in the 4th edition.

Resources for adopters

There are extensive instructor resources created by Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood for the 4th edition of the Matter & Interactions textbook. They include:

A large suite of homework problems, many of them designed and coded by the authors, is available in the WebAssign online homework system.

To obtain these instructor resources, register at the instructor site, or contact Ruth Chabay or Bruce Sherwood. These materials are also available to instructors on the Resources tab of WebAssign "courses" that use the textbook.

Introducing computational modeling

The document A Brief Guide to Computational Modeling in Matter & Interactions explains how computation is incorporated into the curriculum. The well-tested resources described above are provided to make this important activity easy for instructors to manage and entirely accessible to students with no prior programming experience, using the 3D programming environment VPython. VPython is also used in upper-level physics textbooks, including these:

A Survey of Computational Physics: Introductory Computational Science Rubin H. Landau, Manual J. Paez, Cristian Bordeianu (2011)

Computational Physics with Python Mark Newman (2012)

An Introduction to Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Robert H. Swendsen (2012)

Equilibrium Statistical Physics With Computer Simulations in Python Leonard M. Sander (2013)

More on computational modeling activities

Computational modeling activities from Spring 2010 at NCSU are available in the Compadre physics collection. These writeups incorporate recent research and development carried out by Ruth Chabay and some of her Physics Education Research graduate students on how best to teach computational modeling in the intro physics course. In this context, two of the students have created short videos to show key concepts

Textbook ordering Information

Here is information on ordering print, loose-leaf, or electronic versions of the 4th edition.